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Automatic Transmission/ Transaxle Fluid Level Inspection Temperature Rang es


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For vehicles equipped witha transmission requiring the use of the overflow type automatic transmission fluid (ATF) inspection process, the A TF must be withinaspecific temperature range for accurate fluid level inspection. Inspecting the A TF outside of the specified temperature range may result in incorrectA TF fluid levels and could lead to shift quality, M.I.L. “ON”, and/or transmission damage issues. Please seethe information in this bulletin for updated A TF level inspection temperature ranges. HINT For additional information including animations and video illustrations, please seethe Technical Training course E076: “Toyota ATF Level Inspection”. NOTE Please see TSB No. TC 010-07, “World Standard Automatic Transmission Fluid”, for important tips when working with A TFWS. ©2008 ToyotaMotor Sales, USA Page 1of3
T-SB-0129-08 July9,2008 Page 2of3 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Fluid Level Inspection Temperature Ranges Warranty Information OP CODE DESCRIPTION TIME OFP T1 T2 N/A Not Applicable to Warranty – - — Parts Information PREVIOUS PART NUMBER CURRENT PART NUMBER PART NAME QTY 00289-ATFWS Same ATFWS As needed Required Tools&Equipment

New Automatic Transmission for Motorcycles Human-Friendly Transmission


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High-pressure fluid flow The engine rotates the pump swash plate, which has a gear mechanism. The rotating swash plate pushes the pump pistons to increase the pressure on the hydraulic fluid and feed it to the high-pressure annular chamber. The high- pressure fluid is then fed to the oil motor piston chamber where it pushes the pistons forward, which then push the motor swash plate. Power Fluid flow from pump to motor Fluid flow from motor to pump Low-pressure fluid flow The lower-pressure hydraulic fluid returns to the pump through the low-pressure annular chamber. In this way, the fluid circulates between the pump and the motor. Movement of distributor valves and pistons The distributor valves play an important role in fluid circulation. The valves are placed both in the oil pump and motor. When the pump pistons move to the compression side, the valves connect the piston chamber and the high- pressure chamber. When the pump pistons move to the expansion side, the valves allow a connection between the piston chamber and the low-pressure chamber. The valve in the oil motor moves opposite to its counterpart in the pump, ensuring the circulation of fluid within the system

TOYOTA/ LEXUS U150/ U250 TOYOTA/LEXUS U150/U250 PRELIMINARY INFORMATION Presented to you by Wayne Colonna Automatic Transmission Service


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Starting at the beginning of production for the 2002 model year for Lexus and 2004 for Toyota, a spin-off of the U140/U240 Four speed transaxle, designated as the U150/U250 series was born. This transmission is classified as a 5 speed transmission, although it has 6 ratio’s possible in the Drive position. The U150/250 is very similar to it’s smaller brother, the U140, and actually uses some of the same parts. This Transaxles shift points, and shift feel are electronically controlled by a Powertrain Control Module. This is accomplished by the PCM monitoring engine load and adjusting solenoid duty cycle to match pressure rise and shift feel. The PCM also monitors the turbine and output speed sensors to calculate gear ratio and the Transmission Range Sensor for gear selection.



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With so many automatic transmission fluids, it’s hard to choose the one best-suited for each vehicle. Beginning in 2007, there will be several changes to the way we look at transmission fluids. Products meeting current DEXRON®-III /MERCON® specifications will no longer be officially licensed by GM and Ford. However, products meeting these specifications will still be available – packaged as Valvoline® DEX/MERC and Valvoline’s MaxLife® DEX/MERC transmission fluids. The DEX/MERC fluids are recommended for GM, Ford and many import vehicles, 2005 and older. MERCON®V will also be compatible for Ford vehicles, 1996 and newer. GM has introduced DEXRON®-VI -a new, full-synthetic transmission fluid for GM vehicles and select imports, 2006 and newer. It is also backwards compatible for older GM vehicles. Valvoline now offers DEXRON®- VI fluid, officially licensed and approved by General Motors



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BRAKES This motorcycle has a hydraulic brake system of front and rear . Brakes are items of personal safety and should be properly adjusted. Remember to check periodically the brake system and these checks should be conducted by qualified Jincheng dealer. Do not use the remained brake fluid from on a unsealed container, never reuse the brake fluid remained in the last repairing, because the used brake fluid may absorb the water from the air. Use DOT 4 brake fluid from a sealed container. Do not spill out the brake fluid, when the brake fluid is glued to the paint, plastic and rubber material, a chemical reaction shall take place, causing the damage. (1)lower level mark Front brake Rear brake BRAKE FLUID (1) (2) (3) (1) (1)Brake fluid cap (2)Max. fluid level mark (3)Min. fluid level mark Brake fluid may cause irritation. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water and call a doctor if your eyes were exposed NOTICE WARINING * 9 BRAKE LINING The main points for checking the front brake lining are to see whether the lining wear is out of the range. Replace the brake lining wear is out of the range. Replace the brake lining if the lining wear is beyond the brake wear limit mark. FRONT BRAKE FLUID LEVEL Check that the fluid level is above the lower level mark(1) with the motorcycle in an upright position. Brake fluid must be added to the reservoir when ever the fluid level begins to reach the lower level mark(1). Fill the reservoir up to upper level mark. REAR BRAKE FLUID LEVEL There are two marks in rear brake fluid cap,keep the fluid lever between the Max. fluid level mark (2) and the Min. fluid level mark (3) always. Check if it is short of brake fluid, check the hose and other components for corrosion or cracks. limit mark Brake Pad Front brake Rear brake If the brake system or brake linings have to be repaired, we suggest that these repair should be performed by your authorized SKYTEAM dealer. SKYTEAM dealer knows your motorcycle best and is dedicated to your complete satisfaction

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