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ABS Solenoid Relay Circuit TOYOTA


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Start the inspection from step 1 in case of using the TOYOTA hand-held tester and start from step 2 in case
of not using the TOYOTA hand-held tester.1 Check ABS solenoid relay operation. PREPARATION: (a) Connect the TOYOTA hand-held tester to the DLC3. (b) Turn the ignition switch ON and push the TOYOTA hand-held tester main switch ON. (c) Select the ACTIVE TEST mode on the TOYOTA hand-held tester. CHECK: Check the operation sound of the ABS solenoid relay when operating it with the TOYOTA hand-held tester. OK: The operation sound of the ABS solenoid relay should be heard

TOYOTA/ LEXUS U150/ U250 TOYOTA/LEXUS U150/U250 PRELIMINARY INFORMATION Presented to you by Wayne Colonna Automatic Transmission Service


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Starting at the beginning of production for the 2002 model year for Lexus and 2004 for Toyota, a spin-off of the U140/U240 Four speed transaxle, designated as the U150/U250 series was born. This transmission is classified as a 5 speed transmission, although it has 6 ratio’s possible in the Drive position. The U150/250 is very similar to it’s smaller brother, the U140, and actually uses some of the same parts. This Transaxles shift points, and shift feel are electronically controlled by a Powertrain Control Module. This is accomplished by the PCM monitoring engine load and adjusting solenoid duty cycle to match pressure rise and shift feel. The PCM also monitors the turbine and output speed sensors to calculate gear ratio and the Transmission Range Sensor for gear selection.

Toyota Tacoma Truck – 2010 Performance & Specifications


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Toyota strives to build vehicles to match customer interest and thus they typically are built with popular options and option packages. Not all options/packages are available separately and some may not be available in all regions of the country. If you would prefer a vehicle with no or different options, contact your dealer to check for current availability or the possibility of placing a special order. Toyota Tacomas are designed to meet most off-road driving requirements. Abusive use may result in bodily harm or damage. Toyota encourages responsible operation to protect you, your vehicle and the environment. Some vehicles are shown with available equipment. Seatbelts should be worn at all times. Please do not allow passengers to ride in the cargo area. Towing hitch receivers/ball mount kits are not intended to provide crash protection. For details on vehicle specifications, standard features and available equipment in your area, contact your Toyota dealer. A vehicle with particular equipment may not be available at the dealership. Ask your Toyota dealer to help locate a specifically equipped vehicle. All information presented herein is based on data available at the time of posting, is subject to change without notice and pertains specifically to mainland U.S.A. vehicles only

Toyota Body & Paint Preferred Partner Program


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That’s why Toyota has created the innovative Body & Paint Preferred Partner Programme. Having tested a wide range of Body & Paint repair products, Toyota has selected a number of companies whose products are of the highest calibre and offer superior results, and who offer reliable, Europe-wide distribution and support. It recommends that all Toyota Authorised Repairers across Europe use products supplied by these companies. They are of course free to choose which supplier they work with from this list of recommendations. Whilst Toyota has negotiated competitive parameters with each partner, exact contract details should be agreed between the partner and the Toyota Authorised Repairer. The programme allows savings made to be reinvested into further improvement of Body & Paint activities



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Making a bold and adventurous statement about the contrasts between rugged “Road Warrior” performance and opulent luxury, a Toyota Tundra CrewMax diesel dually project truck, which made its debut at the 2007 SEMA Show, is back again for SEMA 2008 in Toyota Vehicle Coral. At its core, the Tundra light duty pickup’s stock engine was replaced with a medium duty diesel powerplant plucked from a 35,000-pound commercial truck. The 8.0-liter inline six-cylinder high-torque engine, made by Toyota affiliate Hino, is mated with an Eaton five-speed manual transmission and a Hino back end. Toyota Motorsports Technical Group heavily modified the Tundra to accommodate the beefed-up driveline

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