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Kinroad XT250GK (double-seat): Owner's Manual


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Keep Hands and Feet on Controls Always keep both hands on the steering wheel and both feet on the foot controls when driving your BUGGY. It is important to maintain your balance and to control the BUGGY. Removing hands or foot away from the controls can reduce your ability to react control of the BUGGY. 250GK (double-seat): Ownr`s Manual 20 Control Speed Driving at excessive speed increases the chances of an accident. In choosing a proper speed, you need to consider the capability of your BUGGY, the terrain, visibility and other operating conditions, plus your own skills and experience. . Use Care on Unfamiliar or Rough Terrain Before driving in a new area, always check the terrain thoroughly. Don’t drive fast on unfamiliar terrain or when the visibility is limited. (It’s sometimes difficult to see obstructions like hidden rocks, bumps, or 250GK (double-seat): Ownr`s Manual 21 holes in time to react.) Never drive past the limit of visibility. Maintain a safe distance between your BUGGY and other off-road vehicles. Always exercise caution and use extra care on rough, slippery and loose terrain. 250GK (double-seat): Ownr`s Manual 22 Do Not Perform Stunts You should always operate your BUGGY in a safe and reasonable manner. When driving, always keep all four wheels on the ground.



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FUEL AND OIL RECOMMENDATIONS Be sure to use the specified fuel and oil. FUEL Gasoline should SAE 90# or higher. Unleaded gasoline is recommended. ENGINE OIL SAE10W-30 engine oil of high quality should be used. BREAK-IN PROCEDURE For the first 2 hours of riding, do not exceed 2/3 throttle. Vary engine speed for the first 5 hours. Never hold engine at full throttle for long periods of time. SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS DOUBLE SEAT/SINGLE SEAT Overall Length 2159mm/2075mm Overall Width 1400mm/1235mm Overall Height 1470mm/1400mm Wheelbase 1499mm/1450mm Ground Clearance 170mm/130mm ENGINE Type Forced air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-Stroke Engine Capacity 150cc Displacement 149.5cc Bore x Stroke 57.4mm x 57.8mm Compression Ratio 9.2:1 Max Power 7.4kw/7500rpm Max Torque 9.5N.m/5500rpm Fuel Type SAE 90# or above (unleaded) Lubricate Oil SAE 10W/30 Ignition C.D.I. Starting Electric Spark Plug C7HSA (NGK) Transmission Automatic C. V. T. Carburetor MIKUNI, BS24J Lubrication Force & Splash

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Tires: Use a gauge to check the air pressure. Adjust if needed. Also look for signs of damages or excessive wear. z Nuts & Bolts : Check the wheels to see that the axle nuts are tightened. Use a wrench to make sure all accessible nuts, bolts, and fasteners are tight. z Underbody & Exhaust System: Check for and remove any dirt, vegetation or other debris that could be fire hazard or interfere with the proper operation of the BUGGY. z Air Cleaner Housing Drain Tube: Check for carbon deposits in the drain tube. If necessary, clean the tube and check the air cleaner housing. z Leaks, Loose Parts : Walk around your BUGGY and look for anything that appears unusual, such as a leak or loose cable. z Lights : Make sure the headlight, brake light and taillight are working properly. z Throttle : Check the free play and adjust if needed. Press the throttle to make sure it moves smoothly without sticking, and snaps back automatically when it is released. z Brakes : Press the rear brake pedal several times, check for proper brake pedal free play. Make sure there is no brake fluid leakage. z Engine Stop Button : When engine is running, press and hold the Engine Stop Button for two seconds. Make