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1995 Models To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect battery cables (negative cable first) before proceeding. Disconnect negative (-) battery cable first. If positive (+) cable should contact ground with negative (-) cable connected, the resulting sparks can cause a battery explosion, which could result in death or serious injury. (00049a) 1.1995 MODELS, REMOVAL OF ELECTRONIC SPEEDOMETER AND BRACKET 1a. Refer to applicable Service Manual procedure and remove seat. 1b. Refer to applicable Service Manual procedure and remove fuel tank. Stop the engine when refueling or servicing the fuel system. Do not smoke or allow open flame or sparks near gasoline. Gasoline is extremely flammable and highly explosive, which could result in death or serious injury. (00002a) 1c. Remove speedometer sensor cable from mounting clips under tank. See Figure 1. The 3-place speedometer sensor connector [65] is located on the frame beneath the seat. Remove connector from t-stud and disconnect. Cut cable tie holding sensor wires to right rear frame tube. 1d. Refer to applicable Service Manual procedure and remove headlamp, for work clearance. 1e Remove handlebar clamp screws securing speedometer bracket. Remove speedometer, bracket, and harness. 2.1995 MODELS, DISCONNECT MAIN WIRING HARNESS 8-PLACE CONNECTOR [21B, A] (FIGURE 2) 2a. Disconnect the battery, negative cable first. Refer to applicable Service Manual procedure and disconnect main wiring harness 8-place connector [21A, B], at the front of the motorcycle. 3.1995 MODELS, REMOVE SPEEDOMETER LEADS FROM 8-PLACE CONNECTOR [21B, A] (FIGURE 2) 3a. See Figure 2 and Service Manual wiring schematic. Pull the following wires and terminals out of connector [21B]. Wire Color Cavity Number Orange/white 5 White/green 1 Black 2 3b. Remove the large female connector from the fuel gauge black wire. 3c. Slide the wires removed in step 2a out of the plastic conduit covering the wires connected to the 8-place connector. 1 WARNING 1 WARNING 1 WARNING Figure 1. Speedometer Sensor Connection [65] 4973 Speedometer sensor connector [65] Figure 2. Tachometer/Speedometer Wire Splices and Terminal Connections [21B, A] i00240-.tif Splices 4.1995 MODELS, REMOVE INDICATOR LAMPS FROM BRACKET 4a. Remove the screws that secure the indicator lamps assembly to the speedometer bracket. Retain screws and indicator lamps assembly for installation on speedometer/tachometer bracket later. 5.1995 MODELS, REMOVE SPEEDOMETER FROM BRACKET 5a. Unscrew boot from speedometer reset switch. Remove cover screws and rear cover. 5b. See Figure 3. Note position of rear speedometer gasket and remove it. Push on rear of speedometer while simultaneously pulling speedometer and front gasket from bracket. Do not remove front gasket from the speedometer. 6.1995 MODELS, INSTALL SPEEDOMETER IN KIT BRACKET 6a. See Figure 5. Place wires from speedometer through front of left opening in double bracket. Lubricate the front and rear gaskets with isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner to ease installation. 6b. Insert speedometer into the front of the double bracket. Be sure wire guides are aligned with opening at bottom of bracket. 6c. Place rear gasket in position and align gasket tabs. Work gasket into space between speedometer and bracket by pushing speedometer against one side of bracket while pushing gasket into position at the opposite side. 6d. Add amber bulb assembly from kit to speedometer in order for tachometer and speedometer backlighting to match. 6e. Replace cover and boot from reset switch.

1983 Honda V65 Magna REPAIR MANUAL


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Don’t be deceived. The 1100 Magna is not just another Special. Writing off the V65 as simply another boulevard
parade float is like calling a 10 inch switchblade a pocket knife. It’s true, but misses the point entirely. The term
“Special” suggests highly styled motorcycles that go limp wristed when it’s time to perform. But the V65 is a urban
streetfighter through and through, a bike that can kick almost anything flat in a stoplight to stoplight brawl.
What makes this Special so special? In a word, the engine. If you talk horsepower, the Magna speaks your language. Its
horsepower translates directly into an immediate gut wrenching rush unmatched by any other production’. street
machine. To a man, the cycle staff raved about the engine. With its wonderfully potent and flexible powerplant, this big four is a strong and willing worker that hums along happily at 1500 rpm or sings fortissimo at the 10,000 rpm redline. The best part of the V65 is a mid range punch that would do justice to Larry Holmes. Whack the throttle open at 5000 rpm in first gear and the front wheel claws for the sky whilemthe Magna catapults forward. These antics are interesting enough when you’re mounted onman open class motocrosser but when a 589 pound motorcyclemwith a wheelbase of nearly 63 inches takes off like a carriermbased F-14, it gets your full attention.Honda built the V65 engine with technology carried overnfrom the V45, but the big Magna has all new hardware,. it shares no parts with the 750s. Though the designs are virtually identical, everything has been scaled to 1100cc specs. The V65 benefits from Honda’s extremely compact Vee engine design; at 17.4 inches, the 1100′s engine is barely an inch wider than the narrow 750 V four. The Magna’s 90 degree Vee angla sets the two front cylinders low and nearly horizontal, while the rear cylinders stand almost vertical. This right angle configuration produces perfect primarybalance, and a short stroke limits secondary imbalances.



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Speedometer Cowling Chrome 1 2 Alcohol Wipe 1 NOTE: Allow time for the 3M® brand quality tape to cure for 24 hours at 19-32° C before washing or waxing the motorcycle. INSTALLATION 1. Position the Speedometer Cowl in front of the Speedometer. The Cowl attaches to the Speedometer Cover, not on the rubber ring around the Speedometer. The Cowl should be symmetrically located in relation to the Speedometer, use the Speedometer markings as a reference. 2. Remove the red backing tape from the adhesive strip on the base of the Speedometer Cowl. 3. Position the Speedometer Cowl as done in step 1. Make any position adjustments now. 4. Firmly press the Speedometer Cowl in place on the Speedometer Cover. 5. Allow twenty-four hours for the adhesive to fully set before washing or waxing.



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SPEEDOMETER INSTALLATION The following procedure details the removal of the factory speedometer and installation of the digital speedometer on Softail models; however the process is similar for all other models: 1. Remove the nut and washer (item #4 in the accompanying exploded view) that secures the console (#5) to the fuel tank. 2. Lay a clean shop rag on the fuel tank and flip the console over to expose the underside of the console. 3. Separate the 12-pin harness connector (#2) from the speedometer. 4. Unscrew the rubber cover from the “trip” reset switch (#6) on t left side of the console. he 5. Remove the “trip” switch from the console. 6. Pry between the three tabs that hold the back clamp (#7) to the speedometer (#1). Remove the back clamp from the speedometer. 7. Remove the speedometer from the console. 8. Remove the gasket (#3) from the speedometer. 9. Installation is the reverse of removal. CHAPTER 3 SPEEDOMETER OPERATION When the motorcycle key switch is ON, the speedometer will enter “normal” mode. Pressing the MODE button will cycle through the following display options: Odometer (ODOM) displays the mileage since the speedometer was installed. Trip (TRIP) displays the mileage since the last time the “trip” button was pressed. Head Temp (H TEMP) displays the cylinder head temperature in degrees F. Battery V (BATT V) displays the battery voltage Fuel (FUEL) displays the fuel level in gallons. Miles Per Gallon (MPG) displays the fuel economy in miles per gallon. Range (RANGE) displays the calculated range (in miles) until the tank reaches its empty value. Horsepower (POWER) to perform the horsepower test, follow these steps

2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 VT 750DC Custom speedometer dial installation


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DO NOT REMOVE THE 3 PHILLIP SCREWS ON THE BACK OF THE SPEEDOMETER. This will unscrew the circuit board and the main components inside the speedometer, and possibly damage it. Just leave those 3 screws alone. They won’t make your customization any easier if they are removed. This is the hard part. Turn the speedometer face down on a soft towel on a sturdy table, bench, etc. I used a regular flat screwdriver to do this step. There is a chrome metal ring holding the glass on the speedometer. It is factory sealed. On the bottom side of this ring start prying with a flat screwdriver under the bottom lip of the metal ring. This will be a slow process (patience, patience, patience) so don’t get in a hurry and ruin the wife’s kitchen table like I did. Go around the metal ring with a flat screwdriver prying it up as straight as you can. It’s easier doing this every millimeter or two. I had to do this about 3 times all the way around the ring. After you pry the lip of the ring up all the way around enough to loosen it up considerably, gently pull the ring off of the speedometer. The glass should come off with it. Put the glass with the chrome ring aside for later. You might want to use a soft lint free towel to rest it on

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