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Chapter 7: Mechanic Certification Requirements Page 4 7-2.2 Heavy-duty Truck Certification Categories. The Heavy-duty Truck Repair categories requiring mechanic certification to repair vehicles over 10,000 pounds G.V.W. are: a) Engine Repair, Gasoline; b) Engine Repair, Diesel; c) Drive Trains; d) Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Suspension and Steering Systems; f) Electrical Systems; g) Collision-Related Mechanical Repair. 7-2.3 Other On-road Vehicle Certification Categories. Repair categories for other on-road vehicles that require mechanic certification to perform repairs are: a) Motorcycle; b) Recreational Trailer. Automobile and Light Truck Certification Categories. The repair categories requiring mechanic certification to repair vehicles under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (G.V.W.) are: a) Engine Repair; b) Engine Tune-up/Performance; c) Front End, Suspension and Steering Systems; d) Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Automatic Transmission; f) Manual Transmission, Front and Rear Drive Axles; g) Electrical Systems; h) Heating and Air Conditioning; i) Collision-Related Mechanical Repair; j) Unitized Body Structural Repair; k) Pre-1973 Vehicle Repair

2002-2003 Honda GL1800/ A Frame Weld REPAIR PROCEDURE OVERVIEW


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If your inspection identifies a crack or cracks in or on either Left or Right lower crossmember frame welds, STOP – call your DSM or TechLine for further instructions. • If your inspection reveals no cracks, proceed to REPAIR PROCEDURE. NOTE: Verification of repair can also be found in the Dealer Responsibility Report and on the Honda Interactive Network (iN). If you have any questions about verification, please contact TechLine before proceeding. IMPORTANT: For complete Dealer and Welder Repair procedures, refer to the following items: • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Dealer Booklet (S0510) • Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0513) You MUST provide your TIG welder with the following items: • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual (S0511) • Welding Template Box (S0512) All of the above items were shipped to you with this Service Bulletin. If you need additional copies of the Dealer Booklet , Welding Manual , Welding Template Box , or Frame Weld Inspection Chart , you may order them at no cost from DDS at (440) 572-0725. For your reference, a brief repair procedure overview is provided below. Disassembly Overview You will be removing the following components from the vehicle as instructed in the Dealer Booklet : • Handlebar weights • Rear view mirrors • Swingarm pivot covers • Rider foot pegs • Seat • Side covers/Engine side covers • Fairing pockets • Fairing molding • Meter panel • Top shelter • Battery • Fuel tank • Main wiring harness ground • Front lower fairing • Front exhaust pipe protector • Muffler/exhaust pipe • Antenna Whip(s) • Coolant reserve tank • Center stand NOTE: You will need to remove any accessories that may contact the ground during the Welding and Re-assembly procedures. IMPORTANT: You MUST cover the following with RED duct tape for welder identification pur- poses: • Negative (-) and positive (+) battery cables • Fuel return hose end • Fuel feed hose end • Main wiring harness ground • Alternator • Exhaust ports Welding Overview A qualified TIG welder will weld the frame following the procedures in the 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual . Re-assembly Overview You will be inspecting the new TIG welds, painting the frame, and re-assembling the vehicle as detailed in the Dealer Booklet and Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0513)

2001-2003 GL1800/ A ECM Replacement/ Cooling System REPAIR PROCEDURES


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Install the new ECM, then reinstall the cruise/ reverse control module in the reverse order of removal. NOTE: When you start the vehicle – after completing ALL procedures – the new ECM will require initialization . To initialize the new ECM, perform the following procedure: • Start the bike and allow it to warm up to normal operating temperature and remain at idle for at least 90 seconds . Do not operate the throttle during this time; if you do, the ECU will not initialize properly and the process will need to be repeated. 5. Proceed to the Cylinder Head Inspection section below. Use the Cylinder Head Inspection Kit for the Cylinder Head Inspection procedure. Use the kit for each GL1800/A you inspect. Do NOT dispose of kit items. 1) 19X20 mm cap (2) (cap B) 2) 8X15 mm cap (cap A) 3) Hose plug 4) Bottle/cap w/feed hose 5) Harness clips (10) 6) Harness tape 7) Inspection mirror A limited number of additional Cylinder Head Inspection Kits are available: call TechLine at 800-421-1900, ext. 1 if you need one. Kit contents are NOT available separately as parts. NOTE: • The following late ’03 models do not have to have their cylinder heads inspected: • Perform the following procedure with the engine at room temperature. • Both Left and Right cylinder heads must be inspected. • Use the Cylinder Head Inspection Kit for the following procedure. 1. Remove the front lower fairing. (See S/M, 2-6) 2. Remove and suspend the rear brake reservoir, being careful not to stress the brake hose. (See S/M, 15-A-8) CONNECTOR B (22-GRY) CONNECTOR C (6-BLK) CONNECTOR A (22-BLK) ECM (ENGINE CONTROL MODULE) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Late ’03 (Non-ABS): after VIN 1HFSC470*3A204632 Late ’03 (ABS): after VIN 1HFSC474*3A201020 Cylinder Head Inspection Kit Cylinder Head Inspection



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36753-87A This kit fits 1987 and later FXLR model motorcycles. 36755-87A This kit fits 1987 and later FXRS/SP model motorcycles. 38601-89 This kit fits 1988 and later FLTC, FLTC-Ultra, FLHS, FLHTC FLHTC-Ultra and FLHTP model motorcycles. 38606-87A This kit fits 1987 and later FXR, FXRS and FXRT model motorcycles. 38607-87A This kit fits 1987 and later FLST, FXST, FXSTC, FXRP, FLTC, FLHT, FLHTP and FLHTC model motorcycles. 38617-95 This kit fits 1995 and later FXSTSB model motorcycles. 38647-98 This kit fits 1998 and 1999 FXSTB model motorcycles. 38661-00 This kit fits2000 and later FXDL, FXDS-CONV and FXDWG model motorcycles. 38664-00 This kit fits2000 and later FXSTD model motorcycles. 38665-00 This kit fits2000 and later FXSTB model motorcycles. 38666-00 This kit fits2000 and later FXSTS, FLSTS, FLSTC, FLSTF, FXDX, FXD and FXST model motorcycles. 38667-00 This kit fits 2000 and later FLTR, FLTRI, FLHT, FLHTC, FLHTCI, FLHTCUI, FLHR, FLHRI, FLHRCI and FLHP model motorcycles. 38672-01 This kit fits 2001 and later FXDWG2 model motorcycles. Kit Contents: QTY DESCRIPTION 1 O-ring, rubber 1 Cable, clutch 1 Pin, cable pivot 1 Grommet (Kit no. 38607-87A, 38660-00A and 38667-00 only) Installation NOTE A Service Manual for your motorcycle is available from your Harley-Davidson dealer. A SERVICE MANUAL IS NEEDED TO INSTALL THIS KIT. The rider’s safety depends upon the correct installation of this kit. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have your Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. 1. Refer to the Service Manual for your motorcycle model. Screw the cable adjuster all the way in to allow for maximum cable free play. 2. Remove clutch hand lever from hand-lever bracket at pivot pin. Remove original clutch cable from hand lever and transmission. Retain anchor pin bushings. 3. See Figure 1. Install lever end of new clutch cable. Position cable eyelet in clutch lever slot. Retain with new cable pivot pin through original bushings. NOTE See Figure 2. When routing cable on models where clutch cable passes through inner fairing (FLHTC, FLHTC-U and FLHTP with fairing), clutch cable eyelet may be too large to pass through clutch cable access hole in fairing. If this is the case, use the template supplied with this sheet to file out a hole to accommodate the new eyelet. Place the grommet included with kit no. 38607-87A, 38660-00A, and 38667-00 in the hole after filing. 4. Secure the clutch lever in the lever bracket with the lever pivot pin and retaining ring. 5. Follow steps outlined in the applicable Service Manual and install the transmission-end of the new cable with O- ring. 6. Adjust clutch cable according to procedure in Service Manual.

1983 Honda V65 Magna REPAIR MANUAL


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Don’t be deceived. The 1100 Magna is not just another Special. Writing off the V65 as simply another boulevard
parade float is like calling a 10 inch switchblade a pocket knife. It’s true, but misses the point entirely. The term
“Special” suggests highly styled motorcycles that go limp wristed when it’s time to perform. But the V65 is a urban
streetfighter through and through, a bike that can kick almost anything flat in a stoplight to stoplight brawl.
What makes this Special so special? In a word, the engine. If you talk horsepower, the Magna speaks your language. Its
horsepower translates directly into an immediate gut wrenching rush unmatched by any other production’. street
machine. To a man, the cycle staff raved about the engine. With its wonderfully potent and flexible powerplant, this big four is a strong and willing worker that hums along happily at 1500 rpm or sings fortissimo at the 10,000 rpm redline. The best part of the V65 is a mid range punch that would do justice to Larry Holmes. Whack the throttle open at 5000 rpm in first gear and the front wheel claws for the sky whilemthe Magna catapults forward. These antics are interesting enough when you’re mounted onman open class motocrosser but when a 589 pound motorcyclemwith a wheelbase of nearly 63 inches takes off like a carriermbased F-14, it gets your full attention.Honda built the V65 engine with technology carried overnfrom the V45, but the big Magna has all new hardware,. it shares no parts with the 750s. Though the designs are virtually identical, everything has been scaled to 1100cc specs. The V65 benefits from Honda’s extremely compact Vee engine design; at 17.4 inches, the 1100′s engine is barely an inch wider than the narrow 750 V four. The Magna’s 90 degree Vee angla sets the two front cylinders low and nearly horizontal, while the rear cylinders stand almost vertical. This right angle configuration produces perfect primarybalance, and a short stroke limits secondary imbalances.

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