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1972 Aermacchi Motorcycle 350 TV Engine and transmission SPECIFICATION


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Model: Aermacchi 350 TV
Year: 1972
Category: Classic
Rating: 67.5 out of 100. Show full rating and compare with other bikes
Engine and transmission
Displacement: 344.00 ccm (20.99 cubic inches)
Engine type: Single cylinder, four-stroke
Power: 27.00 HP (19.7 kW)) @ 7200 RPM
Top speed: 140.0 km/h (87.0 mph)
Compression: 9.0:1
Bore x stroke: 74.0 x 80.0 mm (2.9 x 3.1 inches)
Valves per cylinder: 2
Fuel control: OHV
Cooling system: Air
Gearbox: 5-speed
Transmission type,
final drive: Chain
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Front tyre dimensions: 3.00-19
Rear tyre dimensions: 3.50-18
Front brakes: Expanding brake
Rear brakes: Expanding brake
Physical measures and capacities
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 151.0 kg (332.9 pounds)
Fuel capacity: 15.00 litres (3.96 gallons)
Other specifications
Further information
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Chassis number The chassis number is stamped on the right side of the steering head tube. Enter this number in the field on page no 1. Engine number, engine type The engine number and the engine type are stamped into the left side of the engine below the engine sprocket. Enter this number on page 1. Clutch lever The clutch lever [1] is located on the left side of the handlebars. The adjusting screw [A] is used to change the original position of the clutch lever (see maintenance work on chassis and engine). The clutch is hydraulically actuated and adjusts itself automatically. Hand brake lever The hand brake lever [2] is mounted on the handlebars on the right and actuates the front wheel brake. The adjusting screw [B] can be used to change the basic position of the hand brake lever (see maintenance work on chassis and engine). OPERATION INSTRUMENTS » 1 2 A B
ENGLISH 6 OPERATION INSTRUMENTS » TEST All of the display segments briefly light up for the display function test. WS (wheel size) The display changes and the circumference of the front wheel is briefly displayed in millimeters (2205 mm corresponds to a front wheel circumference of 21″ with production tires). Afterwards the display will return to the previous display mode. Electronic speedometer The display in the electronic speedometer is activated as soon as you press a button on the speedometer or an impulse is received from the wheel sensor. The display lights up when the engine is running. The display is cleared if no button is pressed for 1 minute or no impulse is received from the wheel sensor. The button is used to change between display modes. The + and – buttons are used to control various functions. SPEED display mode / H (service hours) Only the SPEED / H and SPEED / ODO display modes are activated in the condition at delivery. SPEED/H is displayed whenever the display is activated and the front wheel is not turning. It automatically changes to the SPEED/ODO display mode as soon as the front wheel starts turning. SPEED displays the speed. H displays the engine’s service hours. The service hour counter starts to count as soon as you start the engine. The displayed figure cannot be changed. Service intervals are indicated in service hours for some KTM offroad motorcycles, making the service hour counter a very practical function. SPEED / ODO display mode (odometer) The SPEED/ODO mode displays the speed and the total distance traveled. The display automatically changes to the SPEED/H display mode when the front wheel stops turning. + button no function – button no function briefly press buttonchanges to the next display mode hold button 3 secs. changes to the next display mode The electronic speedometer has a number of display modes (functions) that you can also activate (reveal) (see: Activating and deactivating display modes).
ENGLISH 7 OPERATION INSTRUMENTS » SPEED / LAP (lap time) display mode You can use the manual stop watch to stop and store up to 10 lap times, which you can view in the LAP/LAP display mode (see below). LAP displays the lap times in hours, minutes and seconds. + button Starts and stops the stop watch, lap time is not reset to 0 – button Stops the stop watch, stores the lap time and restarts the stop watch again. The time is reset to 0. A total of 10 lap times can be stored. If the lap time continues to run after you press the – button, all 10 memory locations are occupied.To clear all of the stored lap times, hold the button for 3 seconds in the SPEED/LAP mode.Up to 10 lap times can be stored in this way. briefly press buttonChanges to the next display mode.If no lap time is stored or the motorcycle is driving, the LAP/LAP mode will be skipped. hold button 3 secs. Clears all LAP figures SPEED / CLK (time) display mode CLK displays the time in hours, minutes and seconds. + button no function – button no function briefly press buttonchanges to the next display mode hold button 3 secs. set the clock menu To set the clock, see „Setting the clock”. Activating and deactivating display modes In the display mode SPEED/H, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to access the SETUP menu. The active functions will be displayed. The blinking function can be activated by pressing the + button and deactivated by pressing the – button. Press and hold the button 3 seconds to store the settings. If no button is pressed for 20 seconds, the setting will be stored automatically and the display will return to the SPEED/H mode. + button activates the blinking display – button deactivates the blinking display briefly press buttonchanges to the next display without changing any settings hold button 3 secs. starts the SETUP stores the settings and changes to the SPEED/H mode



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5/16 Bolt hole boss clearance This can easily be checked with the trap door gasket. Put the gasket on the dowel pins. AII material of the boss around the hole that “sticks outside” the gasket (60 degrees forward to 60 degree backwards) must be removed (see figure A). Primary fork clearance Place the gasket on the housing and remove material as indicated for clearing the shifter fork (see figure B). WWW . ZODIAC . NL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR 6 SPEED CONVERSION KIT AND 6 SPEED BUILDER KIT speed transmission. Also make sure you have a 1990 or later Factory Service Manual available. Tools The conversion kit should only be used in new or low milage transmissions. If gears or bearings of a used Gear set Removal Refer to the Factory Service Manual Section for Mainshaft and Countershaft removal. When you get to the point of actually sliding the gear set out make sure you properly mark the 5th gear set as described in the Factory Service Manual (for used transmissions only). Further follow the factory removal procedure. Clearance Checks The 6 Speed conversion and builder kit will fit in most OEM or aftermarket transmission housings without may be needed. The following clearances must be checked before assembling the 6 speed transmission. 28-05-2008 We recommend the kits are installed by a qualified mechanic with knowledge of the Harley-Davidson 5 needed are the same as used for a 5 Speed transmission. 5 speed transmission are worn, new ones must be installed, or better, the builder kit should be used. any modification of the housing. However due to casting differences, in some instances some modification
WWW . ZODIAC . NL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® Pillow block clearance (right side) Make sure there is clearance between the pillow block and the housing. Any clearance is O.K. (see figure C). Fork shaft support clearance Again use the gasket as the template and remove the material as indicated (see figure D). Shift drum end play The end play of the shift drum must be checked prior to final installation. Install the shift drum. Measure the end play with feeler gauges at the right pillow block (see figure E). End play should be between .004″ and .010″, some 1/2″ X 7/8″ 0.008″ thick shims are included to adjust the end play

2001-2002 GL1800 A ABS Speed Sensor Wire Clamp Location INSPECTION/ REPAIR PROCEDURES


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1. If the VIN is within the preceeding range, inspect the front ABS speed sensor wire clamp according to the following illustrations. 2001-2002 GL1800A ABS Speed Sensor Wire Clamp Location INCORRECT Installation CORRECT Installation Service Bulletin American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 2001-2002 GL1800 ABS Speed Sensor Wire Clamp Location 0112 GL1800 #9*GL1800 #9*0112*2001-2002 GL1800 ABS Speed Sensor Wire Clamp Location*GL1800, ABS Speed Sensor Wire Clamp Location*Motorcycle*1800 2 of 2 ©2001 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved GL1800 #9 DECEMBER 2001 IDENTIFICATION There is no identification mark associated with this Service Bulletin. PARTS INFORMATION There is no parts information associated with this Service Bulletin. WARRANTY INFORMATION The normal warranty claim submission requirements apply. Submit one warranty claim per VIN with the following information only: Inspected and REPAIRED Template: GL#9 Hours: 0.2 hours Parts: None If the clamp is installed correctly on top of the speed sensor, no further action is necessary. 3. If the clamp is installed incorrectly under the speed sensor, remove and reinstall the clamp and speed sensor correctly. Torque the bolts,. Torque: 12 N • m (1.2 kgf • m, 9 lbf • ft) If the speed sensor wire clamp for the front ABS speed sensor is installed incorrectly, the ABS speed sensor air gap may be out of specification. This does not affect ABS speed sensor operation, but the clamp should be installed correctly. Inspect and repair all affected units using the Inspection/Repair procedures listed below. Inspect all unsold units and customer units brought in for service. AFFECTED UNITS 2001-2002 GL1800A units as follows: MODEL 2001 GL1800A All units 2002 GL1800A 1HFSC474*2A100001 – 1HFSC474*2A101643 * = denotes check digit Any unit in the above VIN range may be affected and should be inspected according to the procedures in this Service Bulletin. All units outside of the above VIN range do not require inspection. CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION There is no customer notification associated with this Service Bulletin.



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Type: ………………….60°, DOHC V-twin Valvetrain: …………four valves per cyl., shim under bucket adjustment Size: ………………………………997.62cc Bore/stroke: ……………. 97.0 x 67.5mm Comp. ratio: ………………………. 11.8:1 Carburetion: Marelli integrated engine management, 2 x 57mm throttle bodies Exhaust:…………………………….2 into 2 DRIVE TRAIN Transmission: …………………. 6-speed Final drive: ………………………….. chain RPM @ 65 mph/redline..3975/10,500 DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: ………………………….. 55.7″ Rake/trail……………………..24.8°/4.00″ Ground clearance: ……………………4.8″ Seat height :…………………………..31.5″ GVWR: …………………………….884 lbs. Wet weight: …………………. 471.5 lbs. Carrying capacity: …………..412..5 lbs. SUSPENSION Front:Showa 43mm inverted cartridge forks, stepless adjustment for comp., rebound, and preload, 4.72″ travel Rear: ..Sachs monoshock, adjustable for comp., rebound, preload and ride height, 5.24″ travel BRAKES Front:……Two Brembo “Triple Bridge” 4-piston, 4-pad calipers, steel braided lines w/two 320mm floating discs Rear: ..Brembo twin-piston, dbl-action caliper, braided line, w/220mm disc TIRES & WHEELS Front: …… 120/70/ZR17 Michelin Pilot Sport on 3.50″ x 17″ wheel Rear:………. 190/50ZR17 MichelinPilot Sport on 6.00 ” x 17″ wheel ELECTRICS Battery: …………………………12V, 10AH Ignition: ……Integrated digital ignition Headlight: ……………………….4 x 55W FUEL Tank capacity: ………………….4.76 gal. Recommended octane…………95 RON High/low/avg.mpg: ….39.5/28.7/ 31.4 Instruments:……..Speedo, tach, clock, odometer, coolant temp., Tripometer (max. and ave. speed), battery voltage, 40-lap timer Indicators: ……high beam, turnsignal, adjustable shift light, low oil, low fuel sidestand, neutral, ECU fault MSRP: ……………………………. $13,899 Routine service interval:……..5100 mi. Valve adj. interval: ……………. 5100 mi. Warranty:……24 mo., unlimited miles. Colors: LeadGrey/Magnet Grey, Aprilia Back/Diablo Black, Fluro Red/Lead Grey PERFORMANCE Measured top speed……173.3 mph 0-1/4 mile………………10.43 sec. @ 135.44 mph 0-60 mph………………..3.09 sec. 0-100 mph………………6.27 sec. 60-0 mph……………………119.3′ Power to Weight Ratio……..1:4.14 Speed @ 65 mph indicated ….61.6 Low end Mid-range Top end Despite all the retuning on the new “Magnesium” engine, we found a noticeable decrease in midrange that was barely offset in the 1/4-mile by a slight increase at peak rpm and a 500-rpm greater rev range. Still, it is a very satisfying powerplant to ride. TEST NOTES PICKS Exotic styling that is arguably the best in the class Improved rider compartment that feels much better A bargain price for an Italian superbike PANS The engine’s ‘improvements’ cost midrange performance Comfort is a relative term, it’s still mediocre Sidestand touches down too easily in hard cornering 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 12345 6789 10 11 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 SAE CORRECTED REAR-WHEEL TORQUE, LB. FT. SAE CORRECTED REAR-WHEEL HORSEPOWER RPM, THOUSANDS 113.9 hp 66.6 lb. ft. • • DYNAMOMETER DATA M/C RATING SYSTEM EXCELLENT VERY GOOD GOOD FAIR POOR ——Open Sportbike—— Engine Transmission Suspension Brakes Handling Styling Riding Impression Instruments/Controls Attention to Detail Value OVERALL RATING

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